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Gifted in the 21st Century — Seven Findings Revisited

February 24, 2010

In April, the Ohio Association for Gifted Children (OAGC) has been invited to share our concerns/requests with the State Board of Education regarding the upcoming education budget.  As a prelude to this presentation, the High Ability bloggers thought it would be interesting to highlight the progress made on the seven findings in the “Gifted in the 21st Century” Task Force Report.  Some of you may recall that this report, approved for release by the State Board of Education in 2002, was to act as a blueprint for moving gifted education forward.  So how far have we come in Ohio?  Each week, Eric Calvert will take a look at one of the seven findings of the report and review the progress we have made.  The full review of the findings will be available to OAGC members in the upcoming spring edition of the OAGC Review.  I encourage all of you to add your comments each week as go through this status update.  In the past week, gifted education funding problems have been in the press, and it is important to have real stories behind the statistics. We would love to share some of your comments/feedback with policymakers.

Look for Finding Number 1, tomorrow.

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