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What We Know

August 30, 2009

This morning while I drank my coffee I read an endearing account of “Western Medicine in Northeast South Africa” written by Andrew Bernish, a Peace Corps Volunteer (and my step-son). It was endearing because I know Andrew and can imagine the torment he went through trying not to offend his host family – yet knowing that traditional healing practices were not going to be effective in the treatment of a little boy he had grown fond of in his village.

Against the backdrop of the healthcare debate currently roiling this country, the story reminded me of how very resistant to change all people can be – and how hard it is for many to accept that different is not always always better, nor is it always bad. It’s just different.

Then I saw the following link on Twitter from @teachagiftedkid:

RT @teachagiftedkid: RT @wggifted Reminder to all thinkers and dreamers out there . . .

And it reminded me that we all hold different wisdom within us. It is not that high ability children or adults are smarter than anyone else – they just think differently. And sometimes that different thinking comes together with knowledge and Kaboom – something really significant happens that propels humanity forward.

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