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Another School Year Begins

August 17, 2009

I saw my first yellow bus on our street today – checking out routes before the private school kids start back on Thursday. Mine have one more blissful week of hot summer to enjoy – but I think they are ready for the new school year to begin. Ohio Achievement Test Results have been distributed (along with supply lists) and parents are busy deciphering what the scores will portend for the coming academic year. Will they need to consider a tutor in math? A more aggressive schedule for reading? A course on organizational skills? This is also the time of year when schools get calls about qualifying for G/T programs. Each state treats G/T qualification differently – and in Ohio, the label G/T does not guarantee service. It’s very confusing for most parents who are not in the education sector (and even some educators have trouble understanding or interpreting out of grade-level test results). This summer I spent some time pulling together brief descriptions of the three major test types you are most likely to encounter if you have a high ability student – all of the related posts and additional resources are gathered under the “Testing” tab on this site. I’ve also added a search button in case there is a particular area you wish to reach within the blog. I continue to change the format, by the way, as the blog continues to grow. So don’t be surprised by different layouts as I try them on for size – this blog is less about the “look” and more about the “content.”

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