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Testing – The Three A’s – Aptitude

August 10, 2009

An aptitude test uses an out-of-grade-level test to measure how a student problem-solves. An aptitude test indicates how a student will solve a problem on material he or she has not yet been introduced to. These tests (commonly the EXPLORE, PLUS or SCAT (for elementary students) and SAT or ACT for seventh through ninth graders) may indicate aptitude in a specific subject area. Scoring for an aptitude test depends on the age of the student and the test administered but usually is expressed as a rank within the test group. This can be useful in recognizing a special talent area – which is why the Talent Search organizations use them to identify candidates for their programs.

If you have a student who has hit a ceiling on ability or achievement tests in a particular area, are considering acceleration, or you suspect a profound or exceptional gift in your student, you should consider Talent Search testing. Compare programs – and total costs – you do not have to live near the program to test for it. Online Talent Search resources are abundant.

National/International Programs include:

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth
(also has a really cool website we used as our Home Page for many years: Cogito. JHU-CTY also is the only Talent Search offering a Spatial Battery Test).
Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search

Duke University Talent Identification Program
(also publisher of the Duke Gifted Letter)

The University of Iowa Belin-Blank Exceptional Student Talent Search (BESTS)

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