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UC Irvine Extension’s Gifted and Talented Education Webinar Series

June 10, 2009

In May of 2009, UC Irvine offered free webinars on the topic of Gifted and Talented Education.  I have already written about the Differentiation webinar – but got sidelined by Ohio advocacy issues and hadn’t gotten back into listening to the rest.   Thankfully, the folks at UCI are going to continue to offer access to all four programs, for free, through their Open Courseware site.  Per Amanda Yngelmo, Program Representative UC Irvine Extension:  “we have posted recordings of all four Gifted & Talented Education webinars in UC Irvine Extension’s Open Courseware site. The site includes links to each webinar as well as PDF of the PowerPoint presentations and all handouts that were distributed.”

I would like to recommend the courses but haven’t yet had the opportunity to review them all yet. Next on my “to do” list is listening to “Understanding IQ Testing and Special Programming for Advanced and Gifted Learners” webinar – I hope to be writing about that topic soon. In the meantime – check them out by creating an account here and log in. Once you are logged in, paste the website into the address bar of your browser. When prompted to enter an enrollment, type in the following: gate_access.

According to Yngelmo, “feel free to send the link and enrollment key to anyone else that you feel would be interested in viewing this information. By registering for this site, you will be able to access all four GATE webinar recordings as often as you’d like. Every time you subsequently login at, you will find Gifted and Talented Education Seminars and Community listed in MY COURSES on the left hand side and won’t need to enter the enrollment key again.”

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