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Have You Hugged a Senator Today?

June 6, 2009

As a child I would almost rather have no gifts at my party than have to write the obligatory thank you notes. I said ALMOST. I did hate to write them and they would loom over me until the last one was posted. As an adult I find the practice a very pleasant acknowledgment of a kind act or gesture. Today I sent quite a number of thank you notes to Ohio Senators via email – not my preferred method of contact but certainly more timely and efficient in the world of politics and the enormous volume of messages they receive every day. Please feel free to borrow liberally from this or OAGC’s language (here) – see I’m going to make this as painless as possible – but take a moment to thank our Senators for the following:

1. For restoring gifted education funding inadvertently cut in the initial Senate Substitute Bill and for accepting the floor amendment that provides a level of accountability for gifted funding.

2. The Summer Honors Institute, as the only program for gifted high school students in Ohio, is critical to the success of gifted education in the state and to keeping these bright kids engaged through high school. Thank you for preserving the funding for this well regarded program and for the Martin Essex School.

Contact your own Senator by email and let them know that you appreciate the attention and recognition they have given to gifted education in Ohio. An email list of Senators to thank, along with their email addresses, is available from OAGC at this link.

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