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Gratifying Response

June 3, 2009

Once again the gifted advocacy community rallied to the shout out from OAGC by making calls and sending email notices to the Ohio Senate. It mattered and, as of last evening, I understand that the funds for gifted identification have been restored.

From an advocacy standpoint, identification funding is critical to the process of meeting the needs of gifted kids in our schools. Without identification students do not receive services and, particularly for the kids who fall within the EG and PG range of ability levels, not being served can have devastating consequences. Additionally, students in schools where the culture denies that the profile even exists are forced to remain in a lock-step curriculum that neither meets their needs nor adds any value to their education. Building precise models for services are meaningless without identifying the students who need them and I am pleased that the Ohio Legislature has built this funding language into HB1 for that reason.

The gifted funding mechanism still needs to be addressed and OAGC is working on that very critical component. But for now many thanks to all of you who took the time to make the calls and to those of you who waited four hours to give testimony. Your voices were heard! You mattered! You made a difference in the lives of gifted students in Ohio!

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